Saturday Favorites #2

This week I'm juuust a bit late for the Saturday favorites :D Hope that you don't mind :) So there's a lot of cool stuff that cough my eye trough the week. Part of my everyday schedule is every morning to make a cup of coffee with a lot of milk and shugar (that's how I like it) and browse trough some blogs that I really like and some new websites that I'm finding every day, than I'm going out for school or work like it was this week. We had a little vacation from school, it was just for Tuesday and Friday but plus Saturday and Sunday that's cool :D 
I really like the color combination of this 

I bought a bean like this for my beloved one but in another package, it was in metal can with cool design outside. There's a soil and seeds inside so all you have to do is to poor some water and the beans will tell you something ...

Searching for pair of shoes like that one that are available to Bulgaria...hard mission huh?

Cute little coin purse on Etsy  ♥

I'm really into Shabby style. I really like how people arrange they'r rooms, the sad is that I really like room like that but I'm really really lazy and it's hard for me to spend hours of arranging my room. :D


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