Sunday, 26 February 2012

Saturday Favorites #2

This week I'm juuust a bit late for the Saturday favorites :D Hope that you don't mind :) So there's a lot of cool stuff that cough my eye trough the week. Part of my everyday schedule is every morning to make a cup of coffee with a lot of milk and shugar (that's how I like it) and browse trough some blogs that I really like and some new websites that I'm finding every day, than I'm going out for school or work like it was this week. We had a little vacation from school, it was just for Tuesday and Friday but plus Saturday and Sunday that's cool :D 
I really like the color combination of this 

I bought a bean like this for my beloved one but in another package, it was in metal can with cool design outside. There's a soil and seeds inside so all you have to do is to poor some water and the beans will tell you something ...

Searching for pair of shoes like that one that are available to Bulgaria...hard mission huh?

Cute little coin purse on Etsy  ♥

I'm really into Shabby style. I really like how people arrange they'r rooms, the sad is that I really like room like that but I'm really really lazy and it's hard for me to spend hours of arranging my room. :D


I spend a really fun afternoon with my boyfriend with tea and chocolate ♥ It was lovely :) I don't have any pictures of my whole outfit but I was wearing light pink knitted skirt like the hoodie and rubber boots which you'll see soon.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Saturday Favorites

I really like the concept of Friday Favorites but my schedule is kind of bad this year with all of the school stuff and work (yeah I'm working with kids :) ), so I can't make blog post every Friday and decided that it's a good idea to move it on Saturday. Soon I'll make kind of a weekly plan for what's coming in each day of the week :)

Found this really cute DIY tutorial . Definitely want to do it you'll see the result soon, as I said I was searching for something exactly like this!

Really obsessed with round scarfs and neck warmers like This one from Etsy
I like this aztec printed scarf. I can't find it in Terranova's shops in Sofia so maybe I'll purchase it online.
This bag is from there also

H&M Finally!!! opened a store in our city. I haven't been there yet but soon I will. I liked many stuff in H&M in Belgium and I hope that it wouldn't be worse...

Friday, 17 February 2012

The New Beginning

Halo Fashion World! Here I am - 18 year old art student from Bulgaria. I'm going to participate in the Art Academy in Sofia this year with a Fashion major. I'm gonna show you a part of my everyday life and just showing you some outfits and cool how to tutorials which I hope to be useful for ya and some weekly favorites   :) I lot of my inspiration I receive from other bloggers and persons which I'm gonna talk about later in my posts. I like to write about them what I like in them and stuff...
A while ago I had another blog, I posted everything that I created such like jewelry, pictures and other stuff but I wasn't so happy about that. Of course that I'm happy with what I'm doing but I realized that there's no point of showing pictures of my stuff again because I have Etsy shop and DeviantArt also :) 
And that's all for now I think... 
Till next time!
Flos Caeli ♥

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