Saturday Favorites

I really like the concept of Friday Favorites but my schedule is kind of bad this year with all of the school stuff and work (yeah I'm working with kids :) ), so I can't make blog post every Friday and decided that it's a good idea to move it on Saturday. Soon I'll make kind of a weekly plan for what's coming in each day of the week :)

Found this really cute DIY tutorial . Definitely want to do it you'll see the result soon, as I said I was searching for something exactly like this!

Really obsessed with round scarfs and neck warmers like This one from Etsy
I like this aztec printed scarf. I can't find it in Terranova's shops in Sofia so maybe I'll purchase it online.
This bag is from there also

H&M Finally!!! opened a store in our city. I haven't been there yet but soon I will. I liked many stuff in H&M in Belgium and I hope that it wouldn't be worse...


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