The New Beginning

Halo Fashion World! Here I am - 18 year old art student from Bulgaria. I'm going to participate in the Art Academy in Sofia this year with a Fashion major. I'm gonna show you a part of my everyday life and just showing you some outfits and cool how to tutorials which I hope to be useful for ya and some weekly favorites   :) I lot of my inspiration I receive from other bloggers and persons which I'm gonna talk about later in my posts. I like to write about them what I like in them and stuff...
A while ago I had another blog, I posted everything that I created such like jewelry, pictures and other stuff but I wasn't so happy about that. Of course that I'm happy with what I'm doing but I realized that there's no point of showing pictures of my stuff again because I have Etsy shop and DeviantArt also :) 
And that's all for now I think... 
Till next time!
Flos Caeli ♥


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