Friday, 23 August 2013

New Deals in the Shop

Hi, guys! It's been a while since I updated my blog but I worked hard on my shop. And I have some awesome deals for you :) The fisrt one - the Surprise Box is lovely gift for someone or even surprise for yourself. You cannot pick the headbands that will arrive to you but they are 3 of the Flos Caeli shop only for $15. Usualy one headbands costs around $10-13 so that sounds like a deal :)
The second one is 2 for $18 and the tird is 2 for $24 but you can choose whatever styles you want :)

Monday, 22 April 2013

New Jewelry Pieces in the Shop

Hi, Everyone! These weeks have been really tuff for me because I had so much work going on and some new stuff that I'm planing to feature in my shop. Anyways I managed to list some of them and pretty happy with the results for now, hope that you'll like them too. And if you do you can purchase them HERE :)

HEADBANDS: They are non wire 100% Cotton Headband wich makes them easier to tie around you'r head.

This is high quality bow cotton floral spring headband in turman kind of stile
                                                             Spring Floral Headband

This is high quality cotton headband non wire in pink square pattern

                                                        Pink Square Headband 

This is a high quality pink floral cotton headband

RINGS: Cool floral textile rings

This is really fashionable rose ring in shabby cottage chic style
                                                                  Vintage Rose Ring

This is deep green flower ring

                                                            Hellebore Flower Ring

This is textile rose ring in light lavender color
                                                             Lavender Rose Ring

And a Set of Two Hair Clips:

Set of 2 beautiful poppy hair clips in red color
                                                                  2 Poppy Hair Clips

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