Youth Project in Turkey

Before two weeks I was on a Youth Project in Turkey with young people from 11 different countries. It was the best time ever, I was charged with good energy all the time. We were staying in Kazaljahamam but the project was in the mountain and we were travelling about for an hour every day. The view there was just so amazing that it's stuck in my mind and I want to be there again soon. The air was just so fresh and it was so calming to be there surrounded by good people.

We were playing so many fun games every day just to get closer with the other participants and know each other better.

Dancing in the morning just for fun :)

Hmmm ♥

Cute little bunny ♥♥♥

I'm trying to make paper flower for my secret friend (it was game that we were playing- everyone have to take a peace of paper from a basket with someones name and it becomes you'r secret friend so you have to make nice things every day for the person without him knowing who you are )

 Some Turkysh dances at the evening. 

 One of the nights we were at a nice restaurant. It was cool night one of the girls has a B-day also and we ate cake :)

Turkysh coffee♥

 We went also to Ankara and Istanbul and visited a mall in Ankara, I went for a first time in a Body Shop store (heh we don't have one here...) and so many other brands.

This was my longest post ever I think but I can't explain that much emotions and new things in a smaller one. So I hope that you have enjoyed :)
All of the pictures are taken from a friend from Romania. So thank you Doru :)

XOXO Flos Caeli


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