What's in my bag?

I was willing to make this post a while ago but it happened today, anyways I hope that you enjoy. I really like to watch YouTube videos or blog posts about people's bag contents (hehe what a stalker :D) and I decided to make my own one :)
1. A local Mall magazine full of new trends that I liked reading in the bus. Also there is featured Bulgarian blogger Veronica, you can check her lovely blog here :)
2. Little sewing kid, I like to have it in handy just in case
3.My phone with funny rubber case
4. Some pens and a pencil - I like to make lists constantly
5. Yeah, I'm wearing glasses :D you can't see very well from the picture but they are blue-purple strange color
6. My make up bag
7. Wallet from Parfois that I really like, I tend to collect many stuff in my wallet so it's big enough for all the junk
8. Some blond bobby pins
9. Hairtie
10. Sunglasses- I don't go out without them
11. Keys and a chapstick

Some close up pictures :)


  1. wow so tidy my bag is such a mess lol x


  2. Such a great idea for a post!
    Love your blog by the way, about to go back and
    check out all your latest posts :)

    Maybe we could follow each other on GFC?




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