My New Headbands

These are the new headbands that I came with and I'm pretty much liking them :) They will be also in my Etsy Shop soon, so you can check them out. The size of the bow "wings" ( I just don't know how to describe the sticking parts of the knot) is optional and you can make them big like mine or smaller depending on the style of you'r outfit :)
It's been ages since I did my last outfit of the day so I tought that it will be nice to do that more often.
Since a while I'm thinking of making a schedule of what's my bloging plan for the month or something like that, just for you guys to have the idea of what's coming next.

I'm wearing:
Top - Pieses
Skirt - ClockHouse
Bag - Bershka
Canvas shoes - Unknown local brand


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