New Deals in the Shop

Hi, guys! It's been a while since I updated my blog but I worked hard on my shop. And I have some awesome deals for you :) The fisrt one - the Surprise Box is lovely gift for someone or even surprise for yourself. You cannot pick the headbands that will arrive to you but they are 3 of the Flos Caeli shop only for $15. Usualy one headbands costs around $10-13 so that sounds like a deal :)
The second one is 2 for $18 and the tird is 2 for $24 but you can choose whatever styles you want :)


  1. When I was your age I loved to make and wear headbands.
    Now my hair is to short for this sort of things...

    Yours are lovely!

  2. Thank you Lily. I have long hair but I think that headbands look awesome on short hair too because the headpeace is the statement :)


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