New Beginning

  After a while I'm starting to write again. I'm finished my second year in the National Academy of Arts with Fashion Design Major and my lifestyle changed a lot. I still have an Etsy shop and it's going great which makes me extremely happy that I can make what I love. Also I'm sewing for different clients by order here in my country. So I had the need of new workspace. My desk with my computer on it was not suitable anymore, I had to move my sewing machine every time when I want to sew and to put it away every time when I want to use my computer and that is really frustrating.
 I made a project for my new desk which I wanted to fit my sewing machine and serger and to have room for my fabrics and cones of thread on top. So I ended up with this and I'm really happy that it's custom made.
Now I'm going to post more regularly so stay tuned :)


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