Saturday Favorites # 3

Hey, guys! This week I'll start my favorites with a dress that I saw on Etsy and I fell in  love with. I don't like so much that color but today I was out for shopping with my mum for a prom dress (my prom is coming!) and I found an atelier that could sew me everything in every imaginary color so I'm happy enough. They have the exact same model dress in the store but I want just some corrections. I'm not so sure to purchase prom dress on the Internet because I'm afraid that I won't fit me so well :( but it's so beautiful that I couldn't resist sharing it! ♥

I'm just a little bit crazy prom girl this week because of my mum but now I though about that I have to rearrange and organize my room because I'll have so much guests in my home and I want it pretty pretty ^^ :D So my time was pleasant spend in Flickr this week taking inspiration from other's rooms and storage decisions like this:

Craft Room Inspiration 2

That reminds me that I seriously  need to buy some drawers for my fabrics. The collection grows and the half of them is on some shelves and the other half are in huge plastic bags beside my desk which is not so cool when it comes to searching some fabric...

[craft roOms]
I'm juuuust so in love with this work rooms... ahhh ^^ I just can watch them with hours!♥

Lovely yarns :) I need to buy also a big box for mine,they are all over the place... I'm searching lately for some cool sock patterns even dough the winter is almost gone.

Awww ♥ Waaant!


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